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The Writing Club: A Whisky Moment to Tell

May 24 2019 - Blog

Dive into the world of whisky appreciation with Sky Premium and discover one of Singapore’s newest whisky libraries – The Writing Club. A luxurious establishment in Palais Renaissance nestled in the heart of Orchard Road, it is home to over 700 handpicked labels of rare and collectible whiskies and spirits from all over the world.

If you are around town for shopping or seeking a cosy spot for a quiet and comfortable evening, swing by this intimate 30-seater bar for a promising wee dram. The place sets itself apart with its operating hours from 1 p.m. to 12 a.m. – perfect to get your noon dram in check.

As you walk in, expect to be enthralled by the mesmerising cabinets beautifully lined with bottles of prized whisky collections in alphabetical order.

The 700-square-foot establishment armed with plush chesterfield sofas and leather armchairs within its posh gentlemen’s club interiors is a venture by husband-and-wife team, Soo San and Sherin, both avid collectors of the dubbed “liquid gold” for more than ten years. Majority of their collection are from Scotland, while the remaining hail from various distilleries in other parts of the world.

At first thought, the name “The Writing Club” may come across to you as an academic institution or writing community. Amusingly, this name comes from the code name meant for the ears of the wives of Soo San and his whisky-loving gang of friends who would often gather in his living room for drinking nights.

If you are unsure of where to begin, allow their friendly and knowledgeable bar assistant to walk you through the wide range of whiskies. And if you are lucky, catch Soo San for a chat like we did! He’ll be glad to impart the whisky knowledge from his years of hunting experience.

Starting from just $16 per pour, dive right in and savour your all-time favourite Scotch or bring out that adventurous whisky drinker in you. Or experience a new flight of three 20ml tasting portions, either conducted blindly or openly selected, for a minimum of $68 per flight – you might just find your next dream dram. 

We explored a flight from The Whisky Agency, four limited-edition bottles of unique whisky expressions. Each possessing a character of their own, they were released in 2018 to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the German independent bottler.

For starters, we were introduced to Ben Nevis 21 Year Old. One of the signatures of Highland, this is a single malt scotch whisky distilled in 1996 and bottled in 2018 after maturing in hogshead. With a light spirit in the finish, Ben Nevis has a fruitier palate than the rest in the series.

Next on our agenda was Highland Park 18 Year Old, a classic vintage from 1999. Highland Park is a robust yet gentle whisky that is moderately lightweight and sweet. It gives hints of a slightly smokier aftertaste, an attribute stemming from the use of peat in the burning process. Personally, we consider this a smooth entry sip for those who are new to peated whisky.

The third whisky on our flight was Springbank 21 Year Old, another 1996 vintage bottled in 2018 and matured in ex-sherry hogshead. It is named after one of the last surviving producers of single malt whiskies, Springbank distillery in Campbeltown that was once proclaimed “whisky capital of the world”.

Springbank came through with a complex mouthfeel that is fat and oily, and an oily whisky allows layers of its flavour to linger on the palate for a longer time. A non-peated scotch, mildly spicy with a tannic aftertaste, it offers an inviting journey to its Campbeltown home.

The last of this flight was heavily peated and more robust than the former three we tasted – Bruichladdich 14 Year Old, a sherried 2003 vintage matured in Sherry Wood. The Bruichladdich shares similar distillery naming norms with Springbank. It was named after Bruichladdich distillery, the home to many adorned single malt whiskies like the Port Charlotte and Octomore.

This dram is a twist to the classic non-peated Bruichladdich and instead heavily peated with an interesting complexity in the mouth. Into your first sip, you will taste the intense hits of smoky goodness from the peats. As your tongue gets used to it, sweetness seeps in and this process repeats. You will be amazed to know that majority of their women customers enjoy this the best among The Whisky Agency.

For the ones who get too comfortable to leave your seats for dinner, we have good news for you because The Writing Club can help to take your orders on behalf of Orchard Hotel! Just approach any staff for the menu and they’d be pleased to assist you. Do take note that the last order is before 8.30 p.m.

Check out the “trophy corner” for customers who emptied their bottles with The Writing Club. We couldn’t resist reading the messages written on the bottles; it’s as if there was a magical connection bringing us back to the moment it was first penned.

For both the novice and the connoisseur, The Writing Club is more than just a whisky bar. It’s an intimate space for like-minded individuals to connect and a place to uncover the whisky soul in you. Make your way to The Writing Club today and experience an adventurous journey while you taste and explore the unique regional differences in their whiskies, each with a fascinating story to tell.


The Writing Club is located within Palais Renaissance on the 2nd floor at: 390 Orchard Road #02-10, Singapore 238871

For reservations, call 9362 8626 or email reservation [at]

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 1.00pm - 12.00am
Sunday, Monday and Public Holiday: 1.00pm - 10.00pm


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