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Your Wellness, Our Concern: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Mar 03 2020 - Blog

Having a healthy body is one of the most invaluable gifts to living The Good Life. Our wellness should precede any other priorities and during this challenging period when the world takes its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some useful reminders from the Sky Premium team!

5 Ways to Stay Healthy

1. Practise Good Hand Hygiene

Always maintain clean hands. The simplest and most cost-effective method is to regularly wash them with soap and running water. If there aren’t any cleansing stations at your convenience, avoid touching your face with your hands until you sanitise or cleanse them.

2. Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Dirty surroundings are an invitation to germs and bacteria, providing an optimal environment for the virus to breed. Start small! Begin by clearing away that pile of tissues or food wrappers that have been lying around on your desk. Discard food that has been left in the open for more than 2 hours. Go fill your stomach with some fresh food instead!

3. Keep Your Immunity Up

Prevention is better than cure — take this chance to boost your immune system. Go for a colourful diet with foods and fruits rich in the health-boosting vitamins you need. Broccoli, strawberries and oranges are all pretty much known for having high content of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and supreme booster to our immunity.

4. Mask Up When Unwell

Put on a mask if you are experiencing mild flu-like symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever. Don’t brush off these symptoms as “just a phase” or self-diagnose on the internet. Seek professional medical help from a general practitioner (GP) or family physician. By doing your part as a socially responsible citizen, you’re not only protecting yourself but also the people around you.

5. Beat the Crowds

Avoid crowds and non-essential big gatherings. Ease yourself into some quality time alone in the comfort of your home. With the ever-growing workload and risk of burnout, opportunity has presented itself for us to take some time off for ourselves. Refresh your mind, relax and simply do what you enjoy.

From an effort to start new habits, an extra step to soap our hands and a simple reminder to stay socially responsible, good health requires commitment but we all know it’s worth it for the sake of our loved ones. Don’t wait! Be the first among your circle and inspire your friends and family to do the same.

In moments of fear, let us remember to show concern not just for ourselves but also to the people around us because the health of our community is what keeps us strong.

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