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Sugar K Organic Peel Bar

A true innovation and a first in the beauty scene, Sugar K Organic Peel Bar introduces Singapore’s first-ever peel bar concept. It was created by Kew Organics founder Lily Kew to help time-strapped urbanites (both men and women) achieve a naturally flawless complexion – quickly, effectively and effortlessly.

In our activity-filled lifestyle of today, time is the most precious commodity. The constant challenge of finding time to take care of our skin was what compelled Sugar K to develop its unique concept of organic facial peels that can be done in under 20 minutes. These treatments can be administered while you hot-desk at the chic, minimalist bar counter area, or while you relax in the luxurious confines of the facial cabins. No need to pull the brakes on anything while you receive the treatment – it’s perfect for busy urbanites who lead hectic lifestyles. 

Results can be seen immediately from the first session – skin is instantly smoother, clearer and becomes more radiant. Enlarged pores become refined and decongested, while previously bumpy skin surfaces become smoothened and soft to the touch. Dullness is lifted and skin exudes a lit-from-within glow with healthy, hydrated plumpness. In short, it’s the skin you’ve always dreamt about having.  

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