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Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant truly redefines the art of Chinese fine dining. Think classic Cantonese delicacies that are familiar and comforting, yet refined and exquisite with the use of the finest, fresh ingredients. Think nutritious, healthy dishes with the most exalted flavours.

The restaurant has long been synonymous with Cantonese culinary art since its opening in 1995. To this day, patrons make frequent returns for their authentically prepared favourites, like the crisp Peking duck with traditional Chinese crêpes, beef tenderloin served with sour plum fresh pear, and fresh seafood delicacies – all from the specially curated menu by the team of talented chefs. They’re also known for serving up good authentic dim sum under the delicate care of Dim Sum Chef Loh Kah Poh.

Wan Hao’s exclusive setting and four private dining rooms also makes it a special dining venue suitable for business lunches or family gatherings. The restaurant is consistently listed as one of the top restaurants in Singapore while also heralded for its impressive wine list of over 300 selections and excellent appeal to wine lovers.

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